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Humour: words you didn’t know you needed

I’ve made a few shoddy neologisms in my time (nulture, smugosphere, transruptive, ego-fodder). And I’ve enjoyed other people’s (testiculating – waving your arms around while talking bollocks). And here’s a long list of em, from the latest Scrabble newsletter (just … Continue reading

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Hitler was a pogue

No, not the band the Pogues, these pogues- Pogue is a pejorative military slang term used to describe non-infantry, staff, and other rear-echelon or support units.[1] A related term is the acronym REMF, or “rear-echelon mother fucker”. “Pogue” frequently describes … Continue reading

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Estoppel the world, I want to get off

One of the many many reasons I read the FT (besides the fact it helps to maintain the “Smart and Serious” facade) is that you learn new words. And this one – from last weekend’s legal advice column in the … Continue reading

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Brilliant new word!!! Shared-enfreude

So a facebook friend and meatspace acquaintance called Morag wrote on her facebook profile that she “loves that moment when someone is being a total twat on the bus (loud, personal obnoxious phone call) & you glance about embarrased & … Continue reading

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The name game

There’s a fascinating piece from the New York Review of Books called “The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment,” written by Peter Beinart. Anyone with a passing or more interest in the Middle East should read it. It’s full of … Continue reading

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ideas, theory, ideology

There’s those lines from Yes Prime Minister about irregular verbs. Here they are: Bernard: It’s one of those irregular verbs, isn’t it: I have an independent mind; you are an eccentric; he is round the twist. Bishop’s Gambit (Yes, Prime … Continue reading

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Decentralisation or devolution?

FT August 17 Cities fight to win power amid Whitehall ‘creep’ Andrew Bounds, Chris Tighe and Jonathan Guthrie Financial Times August 17 2010 However, abolishing the regional tier without a clear replacement structure would lead to “creeping centralisation”, warned one … Continue reading

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Transruptive video

OK, so I created a youtube channel. I wanted dwighttowers, but that was taken. So I went for “dwighttowering” instead. The first video has a slightly less happy clappy ending than is probably appropriate (for any ‘come join the activism’ … Continue reading

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As natural as… mercury

This from the Huffington Post On “Real Time” this week, Bill Maher took on conservatives for dismissing the Gulf oil spill and the climate change movement. “Rick Perry says it was an act of God. I think it was an … Continue reading

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