Oslo Accords and Climate Accords – the ominous parallels

These aren’t worked out thoughts so much.  But it occurs to me that in the early 1990s there were some “agreements” “made” and we are still living with the consequences…

These agreements were the Oslo Accords and the Earth Summit (esp UNFCCC).

If you wanted, at the time, to believe in turning points, there was a reasonably coherent way of doing so.  What the sceptics were saying was that the rich and powerful would continue building an infrastructure that made a solution to the issue based on fairness vanishingly small.

The sceptics were right.

With utter (self)-righteousness and lots of fine rhetoric they went.  But it was empty words, endless suggestions of new starts, new roadmaps.

It was all simply about Western Power.

When other plans are put forward by other actors are simply ignored, not in the interests of the rich and powerful.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of horror and despair (the settlements/colonies, the power plants and airports etc.) have been built – “facts on the ground.”

Of course, it’s an analogy, it’s not a perfect match…

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