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Play up, play up and play the game…

Dave Pollard over at “how to save the world” has just done a very good blog post giving a scorecard on our dependency on mega-systems and whether its getting worse (mostly), better (not at all) or staying the same. While … Continue reading

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Pimps, drug pushers and Journalists. And hypocrites. Oh my.

When I was about 17, my father – a journo – said “Pimp, drug pusher or journalist. You go into any of those jobs and I am disowning you.” Two decades and some change on, I’m beginning to see his … Continue reading

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Nietzsche market

According to Clive Hamilton, interviewed in the Australian “Green Left Weekly” [Philosopher Friedrich] Nietzsche distinguished between what he called the “pessimism of strength” and the “pessimism of weakness”. Pessimism of weakness means succumbing to apathy in the face of overwhelming … Continue reading

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Can’t fool the children of the eco-revolution?

Greenpeace video – pretty full on!! I wonder if the people who scripted it were chuckling to themselves when they wrote the  “you’re either with me or against me” line. And I wonder how many Iraq War supporters are apoplectic … Continue reading

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Optimism makes my head hurt

This from the superlative Marc Roberts.

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Catastrophising; C3PO, Jock and Game Theory

It only just occurred to me that C3P0 is basically a tin version of Jock from the TV show Dad’s Army. And there’s also Eeyore and Chicken Little and the whole “Sky is Falling” thing. So, I don’t know the … Continue reading

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