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“Pulse” and “press” disturbances…

Well, this is useful (to me at least)… A disturbance that occurs as a relatively discrete event in time is referred to here as a “pulse” disturbance, while more gradual or cumulative pressure on a system is referred to as … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with adaptation?

This is a (brief) section in the book that I am writing. So, comments very welcome… What’s the matter with ‘adaptation’? There’s already a term in use – adaptation, that sits alongside “mitigation”. It’s well embedded into the UNFCCC and … Continue reading

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Tacitus, tacit “agreements” and the harm in phony harmony

“They make a desert and called it peace” Tacitus I’ve just read “The Five Dysfunctions of Teams” by Patrick Lencioni (1 star Amazon reviews here – it is definitely a “borrow don’t buy”), which is a “business fable” (growing sub-genre, … Continue reading

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Efficient vs Effective vs Resilient Social Movements?

What’s efficient? What’s “effective”? What is hidden in these two terms? What does it mean for campaigning and designing resilience into systems? Two regular visitors to “Dwight Towers” have both written interesting things on these questions of late. Antonio Dias … Continue reading

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Protest or demonstrate? They ain’t the same thing

When Gandhi and his comrades marched to the sea and made salt in defiance of the British Imperial ban on salt-making that was making a demonstration, not a protest. This distinction is important: A protest merely involves some wailing over … Continue reading

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Transruptive video

OK, so I created a youtube channel. I wanted dwighttowers, but that was taken. So I went for “dwighttowering” instead. The first video has a slightly less happy clappy ending than is probably appropriate (for any ‘come join the activism’ … Continue reading

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