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No, it’s not “violence against women” – it’s “men’s violence against women”

Powerful and insightful stuff from a man whose wife was murdered… While the vast majority of men abhor violence against women, those dissenting male voices are rarely heard in our public discourse outside of the “monster-rapist” narrative. Indeed, the agency … Continue reading

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Annie get your gun, so you don’t get raped. Cos it’s never a rapist’s fault, now, is it?

From here Recently, writer and political analyst Zerlina Maxwell appeared on the Sean Hannity show on FOX News. The main argument of this segment was that all women should have the right to own a gun in order to defend … Continue reading

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facts about domestic violence

Hmm, scribbled notes from some work-related course I did on 25th April 2006. It’s mostly men hitting women (but obviously not entirely!) Women doing it respond to anger management course Men doing it for control and therefore (often) don’t respond … Continue reading

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Policing women – how the #patriarchy works, #94,000,243 #mansplaining

My work colleague is not skinny, but she ain’t fat, and her BMI is nowhere near mine (I am overweight). Yesterday we had a conversation that went like this. Her: I was two people behind you in the lunch queue … Continue reading

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