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Petitions and the smugosphere – bwahahahaha

From here. Hat-tip to Sam

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Timing is everything…

Oh boy. Six months on a chain gang for riding on a bus. Obviously, civil disobedience is no panacea. The timing must be right, the tactic, apt. Originality counts. One size does not fit all. The first Freedom Rides were … Continue reading

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Anger – an energy, sure. But it burns!!

Clouded with anger, his mind is… Hmm, reading lots of stuff about how fear and anger (not the same thing, it’s true) really get in the way of your ability to see things clearly, and let you expand your repertoire … Continue reading

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Deckchair Democracy

I went today to a really exciting and innovative gathering on the steps of the Victorian Parliament in Melbourne. A grassroots group called LIVE (“Locals Into Victoria’s Environment”) is collecting signatures in support of investment in renewable energy and also … Continue reading

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Telling the truth first up?

At some (not all) public events in Australia there is a statement from the host to the effect that “we acknowledge we are on the land of [insert name of local Aboriginal tribe], that they never relinquished sovereignty of the … Continue reading

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Toolboxes versus repertoires

One of the many many things I picked up from yesterday’s fab extended lunch with Johnnie and Viv was caution around the use of the term of “toolbox” for techniques that can be used for making meetings less dreadful. First … Continue reading

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Egypt and social media

There is a lot of stuff flying around. This piece, by a hack for The Nation (and Obama’s 2008 blog co-ordinator), Sam Graham-Felsen, seems balanced and is certainly inspiring…. Over time, hundreds of thousands joined the “We Are All Khaled … Continue reading

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