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White People Myth#94. Nature wants to help us dominate

Saw a few minutes of a mesmerisingly bad television show yesterday.  It appeared to involve some young Australian women who were … mermaids.  Neighbours meets Flipper. [Found it.] Anyhow, it got me riffing on Skippy (“the Bush Kangaroo” – sort … Continue reading

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Katy Perry should read some Donna Haraway.

There, that sentence has possibly never been written (or thought) before. I have no way of knowing for sure. Ms Perry has made an extraordinary music video (I actually haven’t heard the ‘song’ – I was at the gym, where … Continue reading

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Zap their thymuses, it’s Science!! Oh, whoops… #sids #poverty #EpicFail

When I win the lottery I am most definitely buying Robert Sapolsky’s DVD series. Being Human: Life Lessons from the Frontiers of Science While hunting for stuff about lecture 5 I stumbled across this from a book called The Healing … Continue reading

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Of crowds – their madness, wisdom and amplifying feedback effects; Dirk Helbing #brainiac #complexity #crowddisasters

Ach, Gustave. And the more recent guy, with better politics. Now, this from the awesome journal Nature which, (along with the Financial Times and Viz) makes me significantly less stupid than I otherwise would be. In the 2nd May 2013 … Continue reading

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“Why shouldn’t I work for the #NSA?” Will Hunting walks back the cat

I’d forgotten how fun this scene from “Good Will Hunting” is. Fun fact: Matt Damon had Howard Zinn as a baby-sitter.  Seems like he paid attention…

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Suicide, Significant Life Experiences, Dwight (Eisenhower) and Capitalism

So this, from an article called “Why parents should leave their kids alone” by Jay Griffiths, In 1960, the American psychiatrist Herbert Hendin was studying suicide statistics in Scandinavia. Denmark (with Japan) had the world’s highest suicide rate. Sweden’s rate … Continue reading

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Plenty more fish not in the sea

This is very very interesting and depressing stuff. The tl;dr.  We trash the joint. Then invent new technologies to trash new joints.  See also Marvin Harris’ “Cannibals and Kings“. And Charles Tilly’s “Coercion, Capital and European States 990 to … Continue reading

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Of futility: allotments, hoses, and leakage

At the allotment yesterday* I got a strong whiff of the futility of it all.  This stuff actually happened, pretty much as I recount it below, with merely a soupcon of poetic license. There was a visitor just checking out … Continue reading

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Even better than the real thing – Nulture and banana-shaped icecreams Nulture, much?

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Abba, anomie and apocalypse

The song starts out thus – I was at a party and this fella said to me “Something bad is happening, I’m sure you do agree People care for nothing, no respect for human rights Evil times are coming, we … Continue reading

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