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Ozzie Climate Politics – dirty ugly thing

On a day when the Climate Institute begins a gamble on the power of celebrity (Cate Blanchett) to help create the support needed for a carbon tax, (cue Pavlovian attack by Murdoch press, as David Horton says) we have more … Continue reading

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Leave it all to our lords and masters

Two brief pieces from the February 2nd Australian Financial Review that tell us that we can most definitely leave sorting climate change to our political and economic lords and masters, oh yes. Miners in anti-tax spend Marcus Priest (front page) … Continue reading

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In a hole, looking for new places to dig…

Australia is “jokingly” referred to as China’s quarry. The Australian economy is booming, and very tied to China‘s seemingly insatiable demand for raw materials. And here’s this from today’s Australian Financial Review: The federal government has been pressed by a … Continue reading

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When you’re in a coal hole, keep digging

Yep, China world leader in renewables blah blah. And this, though a prediction, gives one pause for thought… China’s coal imports may jump 60 per cent in 2011 on strong demand from power plants, said UOB Kay Hian. China’s overseas … Continue reading

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The Lunatics are CEOs of the Asylum

OK, that’s not the most Politically Correct of titles, but I’m on a deadline. This from the Australian Financial Review (21 December) “The predominant view is that about 20 per cent of the general population at any given time or … Continue reading

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The 24/7 world bites back

Capitalism wants to squeeze every last drop of time and creativity out of us, but when you squash down too hard, stuff can leak out the sides… The proliferation of consumer gadgets such as tablet computers and smartphones in the … Continue reading

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