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A species determined to kill itself

Sometimes the blog posts just write themselves Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Climb as Economy Recovers EXETER, UK, November 22, 2010 (ENS) – Global emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide are likely to reach record levels in 2010, according to … Continue reading

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Psychogenic Discombobulation Field device

I always marvel at how some of my heroes remain so calm while pointing out how completely and utterly fubarred we are. And this cartoon, by the fantastic Marc Roberts, says it all…

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China crisis

I really should fire up the ol’ “Pending Ecological Debacle” blog site again, since articles like this belong there. China to open airspace for civil aviation Kathrin Hille and Jamil Anderlini Financial Times Tues November 16 2010 … said Jason … Continue reading

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“Get your fucking game face on”

During a googlemail ‘chat’ yesterday I wrote the following I was saying to an academic today, that I can understand, if not forgive, the Council being so hopeless. It’s the uselessness of the activist/campaigning lot that does my head in. … Continue reading

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Play up, play up and play the game…

Dave Pollard over at “how to save the world” has just done a very good blog post giving a scorecard on our dependency on mega-systems and whether its getting worse (mostly), better (not at all) or staying the same. While … Continue reading

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Humans as nonviable organism? Chomsky

QUESTION: Right. Can I ask you about your position on the possibility of ecological constraints on the realisation of human needs? Do you think — even if there were the political will to achieve it — that it might be … Continue reading

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