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Welcome to the Smugosphere

Here’s a video titled “Feedback, the Smugosphere and Ghetto Homeostasis” Comments welcome

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(Imagine it with a zombie voice-  Bbbraaaiinnnsss!!!) This from a clean-up/delete-binge of my cluttered desktop – “And it struck me – this is what’s most wrong with the ad as a campaign piece.  It makes the audience feel stupid.  It … Continue reading

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Judge not lest yadder yadder

So, on the day that Plane Stupid activists get told by a jury that climate change isn’t serious enough to justify them stopping flights in Aberdeen, the latest issue of Peace News lands on the doormat, with this on page … Continue reading

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Skynet Manque

Have been reading a bit around how the military functions and plans missions (see wikipedia on fireteams, mett-cc, smeac etc.) I’m not particularly a fan of going “kinetic” against people in their own countries who have done nothing to us, … Continue reading

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Dire Mountain: the threequel

Checking out the excellent “Leaving Babylon” website, I stumble across the latest comment from Paul Kingnorth, co-organiser of “Dark Mountain.” [The back story: I spent £55 on a ticket for this ‘festival’ and came away shell-shocked at the promise-delivery chasm. … Continue reading

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300 down. Any end in sight?

So, three hundred dead UK forces since the latest in a long line of Afghanistan adventures kicked off in 2001. I don’t know if that includes accidents in the Area of Operations, suicides etc. It doesn’t include the thousands injured … Continue reading

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Call to Real Action video

Last year the Call to Real Action engaged Manchester City Council in a little bit of Gramscian war of position.  Minor skirmishes, a few flesh wounds, and then the production of the “Manchester Climate Change Action Plan“. Given that it … Continue reading

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