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Twenty-four hour party people

I have a friend who I really admire (I shan’t gush too much – he’s probably reading this). And he’s also a member of a certain (mainstream) political party. And when we were talking on the weekend about a project … Continue reading

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History repeats – Iranian deal could have been done 8 years ago…

From the Telegraph; The Iran nuclear deal could have been done eight years ago, if Bush and Blair hadn’t blocked it… “President Rouhani was then the chief Iranian negotiator and John Sawers (now head of MI6) was the chief British … Continue reading

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Dawn Foster on “rebranding feminism” #class #stillyou’llnevergetitright

Brilliant, imho. From the New Left Project If you’re hoping to rebrand feminism, in the hope working class women wake up and embrace liberation, you may need a wake up call. You don’t have to go as far back as … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Bourne Legacy (or “Redemption versus escape.”)

If I am going to watch a very long car chase, then I need to care who “wins.” And in this wretched film, I didn’t. I didn’t care during the drone attack, the wolf attack the this attack and the … Continue reading

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Magazine reviews: Resurgence and Viz

Okay, this is clearly a stunt combination and bid for attention. But seriously, I did buy both of these within a day or two of each other, and I do get something from both. Usually. Viz is puerile, scatalogical and … Continue reading

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Dickens and Global Catastrophe (Micawber and Climate Change)

There’s a character in David Copperfield called Mr Micawber. One of Dickens’ best (I’m told – I’ve only read about 4 of the damn things) comic creations, he is not only hopeless with money, but – crucially – has no … Continue reading

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Must-watch; Javon Johnson poem ‘cuz he’s black’ #nailsit

I’m as achingly white as you can possibly imagine, so I don’t know for sure. But I think this Javon Johnson guy has nailed it. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> Hat-tip to AA

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Chomsky quote. Yup #irresponsiblerichpeople

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From Kettering to Keeling. Cars, climate and craziness.

Charles Kettering was the guy who gave us planned obsolescence.(1) As a top bod at General Motors in the 1920s, he oversaw a cunning competition strategy. GM was unable to compete with Ford’s Model T on price. So instead, they … Continue reading

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Cows and Cars and Carbon – seeing the bigger picture.

We can get hung up on the tail-pipes. A new acquaintance (friend?) asked me today about carbon emissions from food systems. I made some flippant comment about cow farts and he gently corrected me (it’s their burps, y’see – 4 … Continue reading

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