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SMBC: Truth is a Sphere!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. If it isn’t in your Google Reader, ask yourself, why not?

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New reflexive boss just the same as the old boss

So, tying in with discussions about “mastery versus control,” climate crises, and just how smart this species is(n’t)… Of particular interest at the ‘stronger’ end of the scale are the arguments for ‘reflexive modernisation’ as advocated by Ulrich Beck (see … Continue reading

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“Youtube if you want to…”

The idea is to make a series of short (ideally 3 minute) youtube videos that are funny, slick, use straightforward language. In a perfect world they’ll come out weekly (but therefore I’d need to have a backlog of about 10 … Continue reading

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Moral relativism and the Wikileaks commentariat

Yeah, all those people going on about innocent lives at risk. Um. Predator Drones and deaths at checkpoints – to quote General Stanley McChrystal “We’ve shot an amazing number of people and killed a number and, to my knowledge, none … Continue reading

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Market Fundamentalists believe everything will work out “automagically”

I’ve not been keeping up with “Climate Progress” – not because the quality dropped (Joseph Romm somehow manages an insanely high output with never a dud post) but because perhaps I needed a little time away from the dreadosphere. Anyhows, … Continue reading

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In defence of movements

There’s an interesting (IMHO) discussion over at “Leaving Babylon” that has become about the nature/possibilities of social movements. Our gracious host asked some questions to all involved. I’ve put hers to me in italics, and given the best answers I … Continue reading

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Telling the truth first up?

At some (not all) public events in Australia there is a statement from the host to the effect that “we acknowledge we are on the land of [insert name of local Aboriginal tribe], that they never relinquished sovereignty of the … Continue reading

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Blinky lives!!

Episodes of the Simpsons that have reference to um, nuclear meltdowns have been pulled from the schedules in Germany, Austria and Japan. Entirely unrelated to reports like this at the Grauniad… Radiation rises in seawater near Fukushima plant Japanese officials … Continue reading

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Brain boners and the joys of mitsakes

First up, a word from “Urban Dictionary.” Another take on “intellectual orgasm” – “brain boner” Something that strikes a chord in someone’s thinking, creating a spur of “enlightenment” and stimulation in knowledge, especially in subjects like philosophy & logic. And … Continue reading

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If you stare into the gaping void long enough,

the gaping void… makes you laugh. Long enough is about one click, as best I can tell. Loved this one…

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