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Is Nuclear resilient?

Two comments from underneath “Feral Scholar” on the subject of nuclear… DeAnander: I always have a hard time not guffawing — or crying, I am not sure which — over the fact that nuke plants, those great big generators of … Continue reading

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Nuclear pondering- the big picture…

What a species!!! Reading this stuff by nuclear proponents, you just have to stand awestruck and aghast – at the overwhelming desire (aching need) to be gods – at the complete hatred (springing from resentment?) we have for those who … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency – babies as canaries in the coalmine?

OK, so this is difficult, because there’s always the accusation that you are being “emotive” when you talk about children’s health. But then you read such utter bollocks from clueless journalists who think that attack is the best form of … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power – what a Waste…

This old cartoon by Marc Roberts deserves to spread at least as wide as a plume of.. no, that’s in poor taste…

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Wind farms unscathed

There have been dickheadish allegations flying around on the BBC that wind farms would have made the Japanese shituation deadlier. Well, there are wind farms, and they are still there, and they are producing much needed electricity. This is a … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency – resilience and not much elite panic?

(Like I can tell from this distance!) Here’s a quote that struck me from the Melbourne Age (17/3/2011) Winter blast compounds crisis for half a million homeless by John Garnaut Only odd corner stores have opened their doors in Miyagi … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: workers at the sharp end

Disclaimer/Uncertainty: We are running a Chernobyl script where it seems not to be accurate (cf the media’s transparent desire for a ‘Chilean miners’ sequel in New Zealand last November at Pike River. The Age had a story yesterday that made … Continue reading

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Japanese Earthquake: Gaia, nuclear, Limbaugh and Monbiot

I recently cited a Boris Johnson article where he sneered at people who ascribed the tsunami to Man’s inhumanity to Gaia. He pointed out that tectonic plates have indeed been moving for a while. (After that sane and rational point, … Continue reading

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Japanese Nuclear Emergency: on otters, mushrooms clouds and what we need to see

There are scripts to follow when it comes to disasters. Oil spills must have black gooeyed wildlife (otters, pelicans). It’s not a real spill till they turn up. (The real damage, of course, is a lot less photogenic). And nuclear … Continue reading

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