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Tempting as it is… #Dilbert

I will not be leaving this cartoon anywhere that it could do me harm.

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“Average can be excellent if properly led” – letter in the FT


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Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things.

And, of course, inspiring others to follow – not you, but your example. Must read some Peter Drucker sometime.  Only read snippets. Anyway, I should make like the cat, bless her, and stretch out and snore. More tomorrow – it’s … Continue reading

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Met the best boss, not the same as the worst boss

Amidst the crap, the Harvard Business Review published some very very intersting stuff (IMHO). Here’s a portion of a post by a guy called Robert Sutton. In his post, most of the items in his list are hyperlinked… My readings … Continue reading

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The Five Literacies of Global Leadership

Hmmm. Yes, maybe. “Going Deep”Andrew Cornell, Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine April 2011 [Richard Hames] most recent major book is The Five Literacies of Global Leadership, which argues in favour of jettisoning orthodoxies to “liberate” collective wisdom. The five literacies … Continue reading

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Ambiguity and ambidextrous leadership

This is kinda good, and ties in with ongoing concern re: mastery versus control, tolerance of fuzziness etc etc. “It is about being grown up. Uncertainty is not pretty and it is not pleasant, but when it is mastered, wonderful … Continue reading

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As Admiral Ackbar might say, “It’s a trap”

In response to an email about leadership, Leavergirl wrote to me That’s the thing about leaders… they are a trap. The Starfish and the Spider goes on about distributed Apache leadership… if one was killed, another readily stepped into his … Continue reading

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And the word for today is… humility

I’ve been banging on a lot about cognitive limitations, and the need for humility in the face of uncertainty etc. And am reading a good book (so far) called “Tricky People and how to deal with them” (and yes, there … Continue reading

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