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Reality TV Show proposal on climate change

Why not have a TV Show called “Hot Potatoes”? It could be a tarted up and demented game of pass the parcel, where the parcel is a ticking time bomb labeled “ climate change.” Panelists would include a politician, a … Continue reading

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Everybody hates a tourist…

There’s a must-read article at “Transition US” about “intellectual consumerism” – people who turn up at (environmental) meetings and consider themselves activists because they, um, turn up at meetings. It’s a brilliant piece (hat-tip to Leavergirl). For the time poor, … Continue reading

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TV screens you can’t switch off…

So, somewhere between 1984 and Farenheit 451. The future, until the Pending Ecological Debacle kicks in, is going to be wall-to-wall moving images… Phones to control more connected world Brian Corrigan, Australian Financial Review 31 May 2011 One other likely … Continue reading

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Google Plus cartoon

This is hilarious. (original here)

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The case for ‘loose coordination’ by a non-secret Secretariat

Or “Is it possible to get/keep people involved in social movements without expecting them to come to soul-sucking meetings?” I don’t know, but it had better be, or we are all really stuffed. Meetings (at least, the many, many that … Continue reading

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FT’s secret agent, on form…

From a column six months back… “Budget isn’t an issue, though they are price-sensitive.” How isn’t that a contradiction in terms? “I’m not quite sure I understand?” was my reply. “They’ve got the money but they don’t want to be … Continue reading

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Alarming emissions of santorum

“There is no such thing as global warming.” Rick Santorum (running for Republican prez nomination)

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