Hitler was a pogue

No, not the band the Pogues, these pogues-

Pogue is a pejorative military slang term used to describe non-infantry, staff, and other rear-echelon or support units.[1] A related term is the acronym REMF, or “rear-echelon mother fucker”. “Pogue” frequently describes those who don’t have to undergo the stresses that the infantry does, and is generally used as a diminutive for any non-infantry personnel who disagrees or impedes the wants of a “grunt”.

This I read from yesterday’s Australian –

It is certain Corporal Hitler would have opposed any such [Christmas] truce, but as a dispatch runner for headquarters, he was rarely at the front line, said Dr Weber, who is director of the Research Centre on Global Uncertainties at the University of Aberdeen.
“Contrary to Nazi propaganda and his biographers, Hitler was never part of the camaraderie of war,” Dr Weber said. “He was regarded as one of the Etappenschwein, the rear-end pigs.”

The Wikipedia entry for Pogue continues with this, about “Fobbits”.

This term has somewhat been replaced by the word Fobbit which refers to non-combat arms soldiers who never leave their Forward Operating Base. FOBBIT is a combination of the acronym FOB and term Hobbit from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. Hobbits never leave the Shire. REMFs and Pogues never leave the FOB. Hence the term FOBBIT.

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