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Reflexive modernisation and the resentment that climate change exists

This SHOULDN’T Be Happening To Us. We beat Nature. She’s licked. All our problems are of our own societies’ making now. That’s the whole point of having entered reflexive modernisation… The idea of reflexive modernisation describes, at its simplest, the notion … Continue reading

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Michael J Fox on booze, control and expectations

I think this is pretty interesting… Before I continue with my own personal story, let me give you some idea of where I’m heading. It’s all about control. Control is illusory. No matter what university you go to, no matter … Continue reading

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Ambiguity and ambidextrous leadership

This is kinda good, and ties in with ongoing concern re: mastery versus control, tolerance of fuzziness etc etc. “It is about being grown up. Uncertainty is not pretty and it is not pleasant, but when it is mastered, wonderful … Continue reading

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Fordlandia – another Capitalist Utopia goes kersplatt!

This from an article (“Charter Cities” by Gillian Terzis) in Arena 109 is fascinating. In 1927 Henry Ford had designs on society. Determined to shatter the Dutch and British cartels’ duopoly on rubber, Ford decided to import the value system … Continue reading

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Re-post: Tikkun of the Fertile Soil

Below is the text of a Jan 2011 piece by Ellen Davis you will also find at the Tikkun website…. The very first topic the Bible addresses at any length is food sufficiency for all creatures. In Genesis 1, the … Continue reading

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Mastery and Control, the sequel

The beginnings of a really fruitful, (for me at least!) discussion were had here about the difference (if there is any), between mastery and control. Via Andy Revkin, I’ve learnt about the “Edge” project, where they’re now asking people “What … Continue reading

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Mastery versus Control – a distinction without a difference?

[Update: there’s a short follow up post to this here.] “Give me absolute control over every living soul And lie beside me baby, That’s an order” Leonard Cohen, The Future “Control is tied to the idea that we can limit … Continue reading

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Permanent Global Summertime up the wazoo

I’ve long liked and tried to pass on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s concept of “Permanent Global Summertime.” It accurately describes how we Westerners now live our lives through a-seasonal (or supra-seasonal?) supermarket shopping. And so, while reading Barbara Adam‘s rather good book … Continue reading

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