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Even better than the real thing – Nulture and banana-shaped icecreams

http://boingboing.net/2013/01/13/just-look-at-this-banana-shape.html Nulture, much?

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Neologism: Solastalgia – “the homesickness you have when you are still at home”.

When they pave paradise and put up a parking lot – when the Telegraph Road gets made – when the March of the Giants marches on – then it hurts… And now there’s a word for it… I experienced the … Continue reading

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Ecological Modernisation? You can bank on it.

The bank in question being these clowns, who go back (the clue is in the name) almost as far as the Opium Wars. Our new drug of choice is, of course, our technological imaginary.  It turns out that you can … Continue reading

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Nulture; butterflies, watches and amputees

Using images to make (spurious) arguments; that is to say, putting the “con” back into icon…. Our techno-kit is as beautiful, intricate and as “natural” as nature #1 Our techno-kit is as beautiful, intricate and as “natural” as nature #2 … Continue reading

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Nulture humming along…

Long-term readers will know of my neologism “nulture.” I wheel this one out when I encounter a claim (usually in advertising) that a product is equivalent to nature, or more natural than nature itself. They come in two main varieties, … Continue reading

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Rats pass Voight-Kampff test. And humans??

Seems the crude “social Darwinist” (1)stories about animals lacking empathy is a load of crap. And boffins have proved it with an experiment involving rats that consistently help fellow trapped rats. At this juncture, I can only propose we dig … Continue reading

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Nature docos – “Bugs shagging to Mozart”

The result of Reagan’s intent, as interpreted by the board, was to cast a new chill on current-affairs broadcasting and place PBS more in the hands of corporate sponsorship than it had been before. Corporate underwriters on the whole refused … Continue reading

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