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Find your love voice or I else won’t take my fingers out of my ears, alright?

I think the writer of this post would make more friends and allies if they weren’t so inflammatory and angry all the ti… no, wait… …. [W]hen white people tell us that we need to “find our love voice” when … Continue reading

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When the people you’re shitting on start winning while playing by “the rules”… change the rules.

Hat-tip to Charred Caesia. Things they don’t teach you in your imperialist white-skin-privilege school #94 (e.g. the one I went to) When the people whose land you are busy stealing, whose culture you are destroying, start to “win”, then it’s … Continue reading

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Rallies are such a useful movement-building tool. Not.

The blogger at Charred Caesia useful concerns about the activities of the Australian astro-turf outfit “Get Up”, (and should take the slightly-predictable “yeah, whatevs” from commenter Kylie as a compliment). Here’s my take on a 2011 climate rally that I … Continue reading

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Interesting words on infantilisation…

From here.  The article is very good, but curiously doesn’t mention Transactional Analysis and the whole child-parent dynamic. But it would be vulgar to assume that infantilisation is simply something pushed onto the populace by ‘the forces of capitalism’ in … Continue reading

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“We’ll always have Paris” – prebuttals of the “let’s protest the #climate conference in December 2015” meme

Pro and con about “building” towards the Climate Conference in Paris (CoP-21) in 2015… Pros Gives “focus” and a “narrative” (especially important for NGOs like Chaotic Climate Spots and also diplomats – both needing to justify their existence) “At the … Continue reading

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An atheistmas joke…

The matron of a big Southern spread calls the local military base to send some soldiers for her next ball. “No Jews please.” When the trucks arrive out come twenty strapping African Americans. Horrified the woman calls the base: “There … Continue reading

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Close your eyes as you kiss me on the apocalypse…

“Yet as Occupy demonstrated, the desire to focus on the here-and-now without any vision of what comes next tends to be overtaken almost entirely by process-oriented prefigurative politics.” From a rather fine article that starts with the killer sentence “If … Continue reading

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God only knows

Found this, it’s funny, I’m posting it.

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Murphy-ish military laws

I don’t know where I got this from.  LTMGFM… But this is similar, (and rule 22 is awesome) Murphyish Military Laws Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you are. No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. … Continue reading

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Atheist gives masterclass in media performance. #miraculous

The hashtag is ironic. Nowt miraculous about it.  I suspect merely hard work, training and determination.  The guy is a ninja…

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