Decentralisation or devolution?

FT August 17
Cities fight to win power amid Whitehall ‘creep’
Andrew Bounds, Chris Tighe and Jonathan Guthrie
Financial Times August 17 2010

However, abolishing the regional tier without a clear replacement structure would lead to “creeping centralisation”, warned one business figure who is involved in urban regeneration.

“Decentralisation and devolution are two different things. Decentralisation is handing over the mess and giving you a mop and bucket to tidy it up with. Devolution is handing down power,” said Chris Murray, director of Core Cities.

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1 Response to Decentralisation or devolution?

  1. Phil Korbel says:

    mop & bucket?

    we should be so lucky!

    [‘and you tell the young people of today…’ lapses into bad Pythonisms in response to the brutality of the Yorkshireman Pickles…]

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