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Beached Whale Syndrome and Local Government

It’s bracing to learn that Local Government is the same the world over… In a brief window of opportunity before I commenced my own preparations for the “triple tsunami” I foresaw, I wrote The Thinking Person’s NZ Guide to Surviving … Continue reading

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Abba and the agentic deadlock

Abba needs no introduction. Agentic deadlock, well, see here and here‘s a youtube video (another, hopefully better one, to follow) I’ve been reading a couple of books on the changes that are needed and the difficulty of making them. The … Continue reading

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A rage of NGOs

Sometimes a typo can really crack you up (Wicked Bible, anyone?) In his positive review “Beyond the defensive campaigning” of Chris Rose’s How to Win Campaigns, Communications for Change (Earthscan Books, 2010) Cam Walker, campaigns co-ordinator of Melbourne Fiends of … Continue reading

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Youtube: Agentic Deadlock for absolute beginners

So, there’s this lovely brainiac I know called Daniel Hausknost, and he’s just finishing off his PhD. He’s basically looking at the “why” of why nothing ever changes in advanced capitalist states, especially in response to ecological threats. I am … Continue reading

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Youtube: The Galaxy of the Bureaucrats!

A homage to the brave bureaunauts – activists who undertake missions of exploration and civilisation in the dangerous galaxy of the bureaucrats. Few of them come back with their bodies and spirits intact, but it’s a price that has to … Continue reading

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Links 2011-04-03 Coal, Egypt, Climate Camp, Agentic Deadlock

We are All Wotan have an excellent post on “Jevons Paradox” quoting John Bellamy Foster: “Jevons had no answer to the paradox he raised. Britain could either rapidly use up its cheap source of fuel – the coal upon which … Continue reading

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Access versus Influence

Have been on one of my periodic reading binges, this time on social movements and networks. And on ‘agentic deadlock’, which I will discuss shortly (from a wonderful paper by a Keele PhD candidate). For now though, this one has … Continue reading

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Elephants don’t tapdance

This has been sitting on my desktop for yonks: REINVENTING GOVERNMENT: THE POLICY ADOPTION AND DIFFUSION GAME by Dr. Allen Bronson Brierly Associate Professor Political Science Department University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0404 319-273-6194 ABSTRACT A great deal … Continue reading

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