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Roy Batty and Michael Collins – separated at birth?

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Film Review: Contagion

SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT. I don’t just tell you that Gwyneth Paltrow dies very early in the film (an encouraging trend, to be sure) but EVERY OTHER THING THAT HAPPENS. This Stephen Soderbergh film (him from “Sex, Lies and Videotape, … Continue reading

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Monsters’ ink

And all the little monsters said in a chorus: You must kiss us. What! You who are evil, Ugly and uncivil. You who are cruel, Afraid and needy, Uncouth and seedy. Yes, moody and greedy. Yes, you must bless us. … Continue reading

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Doctor Why oh why oh why

Smarter people than me will have eviscerated the atrocity that was the Dr Who Christmas special. So I will make only these random fulminations – Stephen Moffat is going down the Russell T Davies mawkishness road. Somebody has to ask … Continue reading

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Signs of the Apocalypse #94: Dickheads in the library

Found this on my hard-drive. It refers to an incident earlier this year in a library in the world’s biggest country town (pop 1.1m) On this occasion two white women, but next time it might be some polka-dotted intersex folks, … Continue reading

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We’d have all been Schindler there…

It’s taken me a week, but I finally got to hear of an asinine article called “If I were a poor black kid” by some techie troll at Forbes. I’m not linking to the piece because, as this smart woman … Continue reading

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The patriarchy, it hurts. No, I mean it really really HURTS

There’s  a bloody brilliant TED talk “what happens when an NGO admits failure” by a guy called David Damberger (it is absolutely worth 13 minutes of your life). And this leads on to a bloody brilliant website called “Admitting Failure.”  … Continue reading

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Critical thinking is, um, critical

From something I’ve been reading…                         also to read – “Teaching Critical Thinking” by bell hooks

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What’s needed is not passivity, and even far less activism, but a putting-into-practice of immanent rupture

Takes all the work out of writing turgid sub-Marxist drivel!!! Hilarious…. Leaving mobilization behind: Notes towards zones of indistinction which need no justification Our need to desire is less the elaboration of a plan than the construction of a … Continue reading

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Waterstone’s in useless and not-actually-giving-advertised-discount shocker

Caveat emptor and check your receipts when you go into Waterstone’s. I bought some books yesterday, one of which was supposed to be “£2 off.” Muppet that I am, I didn’t check the receipt, and guess what – they forgot … Continue reading

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