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“If it bleeds, we can kill it”

Popped round to a friend’s house, and mid-conversation found myself trying to do Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent – “if it bleeds, we can kill it” from Predator. Sadly, I came out Mexican. It was in the context of individuals (bullies, specifically) … Continue reading

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Nobody really likes it when planes drop out of the sky full of passengers.

Sure, Boeing or Airbus or whoever get to replace the dead metal bird, but that doesn’t really offset the reputational damage, and oh my goodness aren’t the insurance payouts something ridiculous. There’s a lot that can be done to make … Continue reading

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The patriarchy, it hurts. No, I mean it really really HURTS

There’s  a bloody brilliant TED talk “what happens when an NGO admits failure” by a guy called David Damberger (it is absolutely worth 13 minutes of your life). And this leads on to a bloody brilliant website called “Admitting Failure.”  … Continue reading

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Leading us all astray?

Thanks to the readers who have added very useful comments and links below my “How little we learn” post.  There’s more to come (including some recently published books on the topic), but this cartoon below from xkcd was in my … Continue reading

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How little we learn

A couple of weeks ago I had (no) cause to be in an Accident and Emergency department. It is a tale of (my) muppetry that I shall feel secure enough to tell in, oh, fifty years or so. For now, … Continue reading

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Achtung Einstellung! Cognitive inertia and all that…

The Einstellung effect is the name given to our habit of sticking with “solutions” that have worked in the past, even if there might be more elegant/simple solutions available… Wikipedia has the info, of course… Einstellung is the creation of … Continue reading

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Mistakes, I’ve made a few, but then again…

Another fascinating article about mitsakes and the value (or otherwise) of a Blame Culture… Another serious weakness of the person approach is that by focusing on the individual origins of error, it isolates unsafe acts from their system context. As … Continue reading

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