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“Wake-up” calls? Nah, that’s not the way the species rolls…

There’s that idea/hope that we will suddenly go “aw crap, that’s been really dumb of us” and do things differently.  From a very personal perspective, I hope that’s true, and will try to make it so (checklists, etc etc).  But … Continue reading

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Time management advice too good to, um, ignore, (from Peter Bregman)

What would you say are the most important lessons in effective time management? One of the things that I say in the book is, yes, a to-do list is important, but so is an ignore list. You have to make … Continue reading

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n. The unworthy thought that “the chickens are coming home to roost” when watching a humongous storm bull’s-eye the world centre of carbon spewing. Of course, life being a shit sandwich (the more bread you have, the less shit you … Continue reading

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Gloom warning: Shocked and overawed by Copenhagen and austerity

The climate “movement” is still in pieces, having pinned all its hopes on a global deal at Copenhagen (UNFCCC 2009). Local government is in pieces, cut to shreds by the austerity axes. In my city the “Implementation Plan” has become … Continue reading

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Neologism needed: extinctostalgia, thanatalgia or some such

I was in a museum the other day, with my wonderful wife.  There was one section that I dreaded as soon as I knew it existed.  And it was as bad as I thought it would be. Not the quality, … Continue reading

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Twelve monkeys? Try twenty-six of the blighters

Via “City of Tongues” (Website of Australian author James Bradley, which I highly recommend as a source of good ideas, reading suggestions etc), I came to Kij Johnson’s site, specifically “26 monkeys.” Worth your time, imho.

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Fairy-tale endings and socialist politics… (a cross-post)

Some radical feminist called Sarah Irving has written the following – Despite the sudden descent of a lot of extremely Arctic air onto Edinburgh yesterday evening, it was very much worth venturing out for Sara Maitland‘s unofficial launch of her … Continue reading

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Naming the Parts

More of a note to myself, really – but at a v. good poetry/performance thing on Tuesday, Ben Mellor mentioned two works, well three if you include his piece, called Naming the Parts. 1) by Henry Reed 2) By … Continue reading

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Lancing our hopes for mystical sources of energy

I googled ‘Iyengar paradox  “effortless effort”‘ and came up with this.    Written a few years ago, I guess… Yoga For Cyclists   As I write this, the third week of le tour de France is underway. It is exciting to … Continue reading

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Learning from the Soviet Union

Somewhere (New Left Review?) I read about some “neuro-linguistic programming” gurus who had met someone who grew up in the Soviet Union.  According to NLP (this is all from memory, I could be wrong), we all have a few ways … Continue reading

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