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Books to read: “Mistakes were made (but not by me)”

On my whole cognitive humility reading binge, probably the best book I’ve devoured has been Keith Stanovich‘s “What Intelligence Tests Miss“. The easiest to read has probably been Dan Ariely’s “Predictably Irrational” And the one I really want to read, … Continue reading

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Reality rarely collides with the cognitive kaleidoscope…

Keith Stanovich’s “What Intelligence Tests Miss” (2009) really is the gift that keeps on giving. An excellent book in its own right, it also refers to fascinating work by other people. One of these people is Drew Westen, a psychologist … Continue reading

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Nature deficit disorder, dysrationalia and Green Confucianism

Concerns about our fraying connection with nature, and the tricks our brains play on us are on the increase. But will this awareness merely help us exploit ourselves, each other and the planet more “efficiently”? In the Feb 5/6 Australian … Continue reading

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Our ability to see straight? It’s a chocolate fireguard…

Am reading (too) much about our species’ many cognitive frailties. It’s a sexy topic these days, and there’s no shortage of quality writing on the topic (personal faves at moment are Dan Ariely and Keith Stanovich). Here’s a cartoon from … Continue reading

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Of innovation, rationality and macaques…

Here’s my thesis, up front. Innovations which disagree with or undercut the cosmologies and power-sources of the ‘gatekeepers’ in a society have little (if any) chance of success.* Disruptive technologie are, well, disruptive, and disruption is not welcomed if you’re … Continue reading

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Inflated intelligence…

I’m most of the way through this rather good book about intelligence versus rationality. Broad theorists inflate the concept of intelligence. By inflation I mean putting into the term more than what the IQ tests measure. One very strong tendency … Continue reading

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