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Who doesn’t like “resilience”? The rich and powerful. Duh.

“Even as the ACCCRN attempted to expand and perpetuate actor-networks, it came across a countervailing force in the form of ‘patron-client networks’ that were already in operation in these policy settings. This is a network within which a powerful actor … Continue reading

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Brilliant perspective on public versus private sector foul-ups!!

With wit and verve from here. So why do we hear so much about government failures and not about private sector ones? I have one word for you: accountability. Public organisations are taxpayer funded and are accountable to taxpayers via government … Continue reading

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Britain as EPI failure when it comes to worker participation. Whodathunkit? The European Participation Index (EPI) has calculated the participation of workers in 27 EU and EEA countries by combining the aggregate scores of their plant-level participation, board-level participation, collective bargaining coverage and trade-union density. Britain scores 26th out of … Continue reading

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Excellent #Chomsky interview on “Real Existing Capitalist Democracies” excerpt – JS:You have described humanity as being imperiled by the destructive trends on hand in capitalist society — or what you have termed “really existing capitalist democracies” (RECD). Particularly of late, you have emphasized the brutally anti-ecological trends … Continue reading

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Capitalism cartoon. Comments from various facebookers. #aboutsumsitup

From Facebook – This is obviously wrong. Top hat guy would never perform labor. He’d have the government seize the tree, hire cheap labor to build a substandard building, charge a ridiculous price and then dissolve his company before he … Continue reading

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FT on China Crisis (of the communist party)

I wonder how long it will be before some copyright lawyer from Pearson smacks me in the kisser with a “t’pau” letter. excerpts from “How long can the Communist party survive in China” Jamil Anderlini Financial Times magazine Sept 21/2 … Continue reading

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Dilbert: Health is the war of the state-corporate nexus? #panopticon

Another awesome Dilbert cartoon “War is the Health of the State” said Randolph Bourne, talking about how war and preparations for war strengthen the state (it can impose more taxes, create more secrecy, lock up people it doesn’t like on … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges on #Egypt – essential reading

After making the (non-reductive, non-patronising) point that for millions of people religion is the only thing that keeps them from utter despair, Hedges, in an article entitle ” The Massacres in Egypt Are a Precursor to a Wider Global Conflict Between … Continue reading

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Chomsky on “Real Existing Capitalist Democracy” (RECD)

Awesomeness from Noam Chomsky (well, duh). All of it, but this – In the past, the United States has sometimes, kind of sardonically, been described as a one-party state: the business party with two factions called Democrats and Republicans. That’s … Continue reading

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Plenty more fish not in the sea

This is very very interesting and depressing stuff. The tl;dr.  We trash the joint. Then invent new technologies to trash new joints.  See also Marvin Harris’ “Cannibals and Kings“. And Charles Tilly’s “Coercion, Capital and European States 990 to … Continue reading

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