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Youtube: OODA loops

First read about ooda loops in Hugh Laurie’s thriller “The Gun Seller.”  It’s a rich concept, IMHO.  Hope this video helps?! Here’s the hyperlink, in case the embedding is on the fritz…

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Only two kinds of medical reporting: “New Hope and No Hope”

The focus on drama, aberration, and controversy in much of the reporting about science and technology reflects the quest of journalists to make their articles more entertaining. Medical stories, for example, are guided by what is popularly known in the … Continue reading

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Analogies of vulnerability

It is so hard to convey to people the risks we face. I don’t think human nature is much cop at admitting these sorts of vulnerabilities. Without getting all evolutionary psychology on your ass, I don’t think it’s something that … Continue reading

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Scientist discovers new element – Administratium

from here. The heaviest element known to science was recently discovered by  University physicists. The element, tentatively named Administratium  (AD), has no protons or electrons, which means that its atomic number  is 0. However, it does have 1 neutron, 125 … Continue reading

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Reflexive, schmeflexive

OK, here’s two youtubes that I’ve just put together. Comments very welcome!! and

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Journalists as establishment stooges

from Selling Science: How the Press Covers Science and TechnologyDorothy Nelkin 1987 When journalists do cover occupational health issues they go to official sources rather than to workers. In 1976 a dramatic incident took place at the electric boat shipyard … Continue reading

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Sects and Violence

Not physical violence, you understand, but emotional.  I don’t know how these sects form; either around someone who needs obedience and affirmation and attracts those who want to give it in exchange for certainty and simplicity, or around an individual … Continue reading

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