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You’ve been framed

You saw it in the later part of last week – the Met getting its ideological retaliation in first, trying to shape the ‘information battlespace’ by worrying publicly about violence at the Put People First March. (And here’s the other … Continue reading

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Wanton Destruction

Take the unhappy heroin addict: he gives himself an injection because he desires the drug, but he also has a desire to be rid of this desire. The philosopher Harry Frankfurt has given such “second-order” desires a central role in … Continue reading

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Local government, newspapers and all that

I haven’t bought (or read) a Saturday Grauniad for a very long time. Did so today out of curiosity over its G20 coverage. I won’t buy (or read) a Saturday Grauniad for a very long time. Or a weak day … Continue reading

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Reading on the Stepper- 26th March

You can plough through a lot in 97 minutes! Great piece by Diane L. Coutu in the Harvard Business Review entitled “How Resilience Works.”Makes me want to go and read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” right now. And this … Continue reading

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This is the rather clever term that gets used to describe organisations where there are few white people at the top, above a whole lotta “non-white” (sic) people who are, you know, doing the work. I like it, personally (the … Continue reading

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“Some thought his returns might have been based on front-running- using the information from his brokering business to benefit his asset management clients. Sophisticated confidence tricksters have used a similar tactic for thousands of years. The fraudster hints at impropriety, … Continue reading

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It makes my brain ache

Reading my FT magazine on the stepper at t’gym, I finally looked at (having probably seen many times) a full page advert for “Neurozan” capsules.” These wonderful products are sold by “Vitabiotics”, “supporting the brain’s neuro-chemistry through optimum micro-nutrition.“ And … Continue reading

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