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Juking the stats and juicing the SWATS

There’s some interesting stuff on SWAT teams proliferating in the United States (the Department of “Homeland Security” is dishing out money for kit to everyone, including little towns in middle of nowhere. And once you have the kit you start … Continue reading

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Juking the Stats: #TheWire for real, yo?

NYPD on Trial: Police Say They Are Forced to Harass Kids in Order to Meet Quotas NYPD whistleblowers say quotas are forcing them to make bogus, racist stops, summonses and arrests. March 27, 2013  | Last week, NYPD whistleblowers Adhyl … Continue reading

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The thrill of the chase

My dad doesn’t remember, but he did indeed once say to me “[Dwight], three jobs you take on – pimp, drug pusher and journalist – and I am disowning you.” But man it is fun to get a story, to … Continue reading

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Oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood.

It’s easy to misunderstand lyrics (As Whoopi Goldberg says in frustration in the film Jumping Jack Flash – “SING ENGLISH, MICK”*). Singers howl, mumble and garble. Mondegreens, eh. But what about misunderstanding a whole song? Leaving aside cynical marketing ploys … Continue reading

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McNulty on the floor, giggling, saying “stop, stop”

SEC switches to undercover tactics Brooke Masters Financial Times, November 26 2010 One former enforcer says the publicity may be a deliberate tactic known as “tickling the wire” in which the government has wire-taps in place and may be seeking … Continue reading

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Holding Corners versus Cutting Corners (versus Corner Offices)

One of the (many) themes of the astounding TV series “The Wire” was Ambition – people who wanted to be More, to be Somebody, or – perfectly understandably, to be Someplace Else. Stringer Bell desperately wanted to move from the … Continue reading

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The Wire meets the Green Party

Dear Sir, am I alone in noting the similarity between Jimmy McNulty of “The Wire” and Derek Wall, former principal male speaker of the Green Party? One is a long-term member of a semi-dysfunctional outfit that struggles to improve life … Continue reading

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