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Leading us all astray?

Thanks to the readers who have added very useful comments and links below my “How little we learn” post.  There’s more to come (including some recently published books on the topic), but this cartoon below from xkcd was in my … Continue reading

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Film Review: In Time

This bonkers but very fun film is a mash-up of Logan’s Run, Bonnie and Clyde and the Matrix, as scripted by Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. Justin Timberlake, him of the mournful eyes, is a working stiff in a genetically-modified … Continue reading

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“We get our news from the Council”

The journalist Andrew Gilligan, making a little-noticed appearance before a House of Lords committee this week, pointed out how the near-extinction of local journalism is destroying the industry’s ecosystem. News used to emerge because, from the Penrith Advertiser to the … Continue reading

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Love’s the only engine of survival?

The Leonard Cohen fans will recognise the title of this post. It’s in response to a comment (one of several very useful ones) left underneath “How Little We Learn” (greetings to pedantry!) Johnnie Moore says in part “Love creates space … Continue reading

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How little we learn

A couple of weeks ago I had (no) cause to be in an Accident and Emergency department. It is a tale of (my) muppetry that I shall feel secure enough to tell in, oh, fifty years or so. For now, … Continue reading

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Met the best boss, not the same as the worst boss

Amidst the crap, the Harvard Business Review published some very very intersting stuff (IMHO). Here’s a portion of a post by a guy called Robert Sutton. In his post, most of the items in his list are hyperlinked… My readings … Continue reading

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Relentless negativity

A friend of mine (not the same friend I buy those magazines for) has been accused of “negativity”. My friend is kind of annoyed by this, but it comes with the territory, surely? Rather than address questions raised (which can … Continue reading

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Fierce discipline and hippies

Civil rights leader James Lawson, “[the] difficulty with nonviolent people and efforts is that they don’t recognize the necessity of fierce discipline and training, strategizing, planning, and recruiting.” From an article at Utne Reader

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“Carbon literacy” versus “saving the planet”

We are so screwed.* In the next couple of years people in my fair city are going to be carbon literacied. Poor souls. They will, for the most part, be taken away from jobs they do (and sometimes like), and … Continue reading

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Stop to think…

This Gotterdammerung thang comes, I think, via Dave Pollard… Was a professor fired for requiring students to think?

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