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Tools for White Guys who are Working for Social Change

Thank goodness none of this applies to me… (reposted from here, and originally from the (defunct?) Colours of Resistance site.) Tools for White Guys who are Working for Social Change (and other people socialized in a society based on domination) … Continue reading

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Reel criticism

Nigel Andrews, film reviewer for the Financial Times, did a brutal takedown of the new George Clooney film “The American” in Wednesday’s paper. It concludes “The final scene, striving for tragic consummation but more redolent of an ersatz-bucolic TV commercial … Continue reading

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Fog in Channel, Continent cut off

The Financial Times of Weds 24th November had the following item on page 3 “Cameron woos Nordic Nations” by George Parker and Andrew Ward in the “Key Issues” box there was the following– Arctic In addition to oil and mining, … Continue reading

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A species determined to kill itself

Sometimes the blog posts just write themselves Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Climb as Economy Recovers EXETER, UK, November 22, 2010 (ENS) – Global emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide are likely to reach record levels in 2010, according to … Continue reading

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Holding Corners versus Cutting Corners (versus Corner Offices)

One of the (many) themes of the astounding TV series “The Wire” was Ambition – people who wanted to be More, to be Somebody, or – perfectly understandably, to be Someplace Else. Stringer Bell desperately wanted to move from the … Continue reading

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The sheep look up

A few months ago I read “Alone in a Crowd of Sheep: Asymmetric Perceptions of Conformity and Their Roots in an Introspection Illusion” from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 92, 4, 585-595 The take home message is that … Continue reading

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Cultural cognition cartoon

This brilliant cartoon by Marc Roberts got me searching for the info about people’s perceptions of risk reflecting (and defending) their underlying values. Dan Kahanat Yale is involved in research and theorising on this field, which is called cultural cognition. … Continue reading

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Chasing to the Cut(s)

From the latest London Review of Books, an extremely astute and must-read piece by Ross McKibbin, entitled “Nothing to do with the economy.” Here’s the nub of the argument- The cuts have to be big in order to confirm the … Continue reading

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Slaves to the rhythm… of the tinterwebs…

Does he mean me? The Digital Age has bred a new class of information slaves. They process endless streams of e-mail or waste time hunting for information on their hard disks and corporate intranets. Edited and re-edited versions of the … Continue reading

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Yesterday we (DT plus ‘wifey’) were chatting with a friend and somehow got onto (grey) squirrels – aka rats with fluffy tails. They can be vicious little bastards – apparently were attacking punters in York who didn’t give ’em food. … Continue reading

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