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Academic NVDA – not as exciting as it sounds…

It occurs to me that many academics (with honorable exceptions!) engage in their own form of NVDA. Sadly, those letters stand for “Nonsense Verbiage Destroying Attention”… Thanks, I’m here all week… In other news, Big and Good changes afoot. Happy … Continue reading

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Ostrom, Habermas and understanding t’world

Reposted from Peter Levine’s website. Hat-tip to Sam Ostrom plus Habermas is nearly all we need Posted on June 16, 2014 by Peter The late, great Elinor Ostrom is much on my mind. I taught her work in Mexico a … Continue reading

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The Black Swan guy on what academic papers are really all about – ROFLMAO

… academic papers are made to bore, impress, provide credibility, intimidate even, be presented at meetings, but not to be read, except by suckers (or detractors) or, even worse, graduate students. Nassim Nicholas Taleb “On Robustness and fragility, Deeper Philosophical … Continue reading

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“Intellectuals versus theorists.” Bwahahahaha roflmao

“There has been no lack of intellectuals in the socialist party; there has been a lack of theorists.” Emilio Iamo de Espinosa, in Paul Heywood (1990) Marxism and the Future of Organised Socialism in Spain 1879-1936

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Article: “Learning in social action: The informal and social learning dimensions of circumstantial and lifelong activists”

It’s by someone called Tracey Ollis Australian Journal of Adult Learning Volume 51, Number 2, July 2011 here is a link to the pdf Here’s the abstract This paper explores the informal and social learning dimensions of activists as they … Continue reading

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Klein on #climate; No, not Naomi, I mean Melanie #psychoanalysis

We need a climate movement that tackles climate change, says Naomi Klein. Well, yes, but we’ve known that for 25 years (and she wouldn’t dispute that.) What’s interesting to me is why it keeps not happening. And recently I read … Continue reading

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Dwight Towers in “I was wrong” shocker; Military NOT always great at #innovation

Despite what any fule no about big bureaucracies and their immune systems, I have in the past been too keen on the “militaries learn cos getting shot at concentrates the mind” meme. These two quotes – the first from “Beyond … Continue reading

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Academics behaving badly… #anthropology

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Will toil for sustenance…

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Blog post takedown at Johns Hopkins; NSA and its chilling effect

Okay, I’m way late to this party. Only comment I have; Unsurprising, scary as hell and we will see more and more of this.  War of attrition in the war of position…

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