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Utterly brilliant two minutes on sports, homophobia, hypocrisy, small government etc

Really nicely done. If you ever need to see how to skewer hypocrites, this.

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New York Times editor; “journalists are tools of rich men…”

Gosh, so much has changed since the 19th century! “There is no such a thing in America as an independent press, unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There … Continue reading

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Jonathan Cook on the Guardian

Hmm, I remember Jonathan Cook in the Grauniad, I think, but was unaware that he freelances from Nazareth and basically seems to be one of those honest and intelligent hacks who eke out a living AND tell the truth at … Continue reading

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Women being “reminded” of their bodies – “the grunch”

From here (and there’s more goodness) “A few years earlier, back at Indiana, I was wearing [a favourite outfit], walking through the parking lot of the main campus library with a group of—classmates, I think it was. Yes, we were … Continue reading

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In media res: of tabloids, “topspin” and travesties

Britain can “pride” itself on a “vigorous” popular press. All of them lying in the gutter, looking at the stars, as someone said in a slightly different context. So, if you want to understand the “top” end, I suppose you … Continue reading

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And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their lives… #feminism

What Karen Pickering said, a while back. The good news is it actually doesn’t matter what armchair commentators say about your feminism. It’s up to you to learn, listen, say sorry when you get it wrong, and grow into your … Continue reading

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Journalists; stenographers to power or servants of an informed society?

Hat-tip to Sam for this awesome (imho) piece. There are no journalists by Jeff Jarvis June 30, 2013 There are no journalists, there is only the service of journalism. Yes, I know that in condensed form, that may sound like … Continue reading

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Vicious verbal attack on Jon Bon Jovi #manchestereveningnews #libel?

From today’s Manchester Evening Nuisance. “They are good when they get gritty and hard, with pounding bass lines, but too much of it is froth rock, laced with superficialities like ‘living my life’ and ‘dying for you.’ And JBJ is … Continue reading

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Pentagon censoring Hollywood – Lassie in the dog house…

From here. “In the 1961 Lassie episode “Timmy and the Martians,” Lassie howls to alert Timmy of a plane crash. In the original episode, once the military has re-assembled the plane they discover that a faulty wing had caused a … Continue reading

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Red Pepper #189 reviewed.

Red Pepper April/May 2013 The tl;dr – Plus ca change (as in, here’s a review of the last one) – a mix of the worthy, the tedious, with flashes of real insight. The big problem with Red Pepper is the … Continue reading

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