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Planes, chains and autodestruction: of metaphors and global financial crash-and-burns

We need metaphors to think with when thinking about global finance. Well, at any rate, I do.  And Karel Williams, a non-muppet academic in Manchester, has come up with a corker… It is also very difficult to explain all this … Continue reading

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Win flights to India to report World Environment Day! I defy you to make this crap up

This is a screengrab from here. For those older readers with macular degeneration, the blog post title is “Calling all bloggers! Win a trip to India to cover World Environment Day, June 5” So, they’re encouraging people to fly to … Continue reading

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A species determined to kill itself

Sometimes the blog posts just write themselves Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Climb as Economy Recovers EXETER, UK, November 22, 2010 (ENS) – Global emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide are likely to reach record levels in 2010, according to … Continue reading

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Hubris will get you killed

Two quotes from “Fly by Wire” (of which more below) The captain had made thirteen trips to Cali – and he did not realize that it sits in the Andes? So no, they knew about the mountains. But the captain … Continue reading

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Raiding the back catalogue- Kafka and Weber in Manchester

Post-“action” assessment.

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Judge not lest yadder yadder

So, on the day that Plane Stupid activists get told by a jury that climate change isn’t serious enough to justify them stopping flights in Aberdeen, the latest issue of Peace News lands on the doormat, with this on page … Continue reading

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Focus, Dwight, FOCUS!!!

On the stepper at the gym I usually read the FT. Tonight I did something I don’t do frequently (enough) I took a bunch of things I’d surfed and downloaded . First up, a poorly written wikipedia article about “The … Continue reading

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