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The virtue of anger #Aquinas #RayMcGovern

In the Thirteenth Century, Aquinas wrote a lot about virtue and got quite angry when he realized there was no word in Latin for just the right amount of anger — for the virtue of anger. He had to go … Continue reading

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Anger is an energy

I’ve written about anger before, and will again, GODDAMMIT. This quote, from an article about Thatcher Death Parties, is good; As Audre Lorde, a true feminist icon, reminds us, anger has its uses: ‘When we turn from anger we turn … Continue reading

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How long, how long must I bleat this song?

We do what “works” for us. Or, to be accurate, what worked for us when we were younger than we remember.  We keep doing it, I fear, long long after our rational brains tell us that “behaviour x”  is counter-productive.  … Continue reading

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Angry with being angry at myself for getting angry

Anger is such a stupid stupid emotion. Helps no-one, not self, not others. Doesn’t provide any clarity. Likely to send you and others to places where you had no intention or real desire to go. Panic is anger diffused and … Continue reading

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Anger – an energy, sure. But it burns!!

Clouded with anger, his mind is… Hmm, reading lots of stuff about how fear and anger (not the same thing, it’s true) really get in the way of your ability to see things clearly, and let you expand your repertoire … Continue reading

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Anger is an energy?

Anger is a bit like nuclear power. Some – the Buddhists and some Christians especially – say it is inherently dangerous, and that we should all run on sunlight and love. They’re probably right, but for us mere mortals, we’re … Continue reading

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Anger is an energy

After the Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was ‘sacked’ by John Kerr on November 11, 1975, he urged his supporters to “Maintain Your Rage.” That’s good advice, (isn’t it?) but harder than it looks, and comes with dangers… Why anger? … Continue reading

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