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It’s the (reification of) the economy, stupid

rei·fi·cation (-f-kshn) n.  the conversion of an abstract concept into something concrete; a viewing of the abstract as concrete. My love for the Financial Times has price elasticity. As in, I still pony up for it at the eye-watering and … Continue reading

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Stuart Hall on Thatcher, hegemony and all that jazz

From an essay in the latest (Sept 2011) Soundings: One counter-intuitive feature was that, in the dark days of her electoral unpopularity, Thatcher brilliantly summoned to the rescue, not market rationality but an archaic British nationalism. The Falklands War allowed … Continue reading

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ideas, theory, ideology

There’s those lines from Yes Prime Minister about irregular verbs. Here they are: Bernard: It’s one of those irregular verbs, isn’t it: I have an independent mind; you are an eccentric; he is round the twist. Bishop’s Gambit (Yes, Prime … Continue reading

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