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Google Plus cartoon

This is hilarious. (original here)

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Facebook as a poker machine…

“Grazing social networking, hoping that someone is there for us, is neither relaxing nor productive – like the lure of poker machines, the unpredictable rewards of Facebook and Twitter keeps us going back in the hope of messages waiting and … Continue reading

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Facebook spelling fascists – v. v. funny…

Words fail me… http://www.someecards.com/2011/04/06/the-best-obnoxious-responses-to-misspellings-on-facebook The one with the grand-dad in hospital. Primus inter pares…

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Too stupid to be trusted to kill foreigners at our behest…

OK, just watching the news. Australian squaddies in trouble for racist comments they made on… facebook. These are young men raised and trained in militarism. Which isn’t about sitting around with flowers in your hair and singing kumbaya. To be … Continue reading

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55 interesting social media infographics

This is a repost of Paul Coyne’s (“Occasional postings about digital innovation in scholarly publishing and learning”) great post with heaps of, well, infographics about social media… My personal favourite was the hierarchy of digital distractions…

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Getting off your face book

Went and saw “The Social Network” the other night. Powerful piece of film-making (what else would you expect with David Fincher directing and Aaron Sorkin scribbling. Actors were bloody good too). Since then have read Zadie Smith’s rather excellent piece … Continue reading

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Poetry in the Companies and Markets section…

The Financial Times always has at least two sections. Monday to Friday there’s the main section (world news, analysis, editorials/letters/op-eds, Lex Column, various columnists like Stefan Stern and Lucy Kellaway, both of whom are brilliant). The second section is the … Continue reading

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FaT heads: Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter (“FaT”) are not just methods of communication and exchange. [Just as a car not just a box with wheels that converts dead pressed ferns into kinetic energy and carbon emissions.] They are- like cars- vehicles of display; … Continue reading

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