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Goodbye to all them

In these last ‘good’ (1) years, what does it matter? What does it matter if the humans riding on the elephants that are our bureaucracies (public and private) are aware of what is going on or not?  What does it … Continue reading

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“Strategy” = “you should all do what I think”

From a box with two columns – ‘convenient abstraction’ and ‘really means’ in a wonderful document called “We can’t go on meeting like this” by Viv McWaters and Johnnie Moore

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Abeyance structures and climate change…

Abeyance structure The political organisations and networks of people who keep a political movement alive in times of relative inactivity. Abeyance structures are often hidden from the wider public, but they play a special role in ensuring the continuance of … Continue reading

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What is GLOW?

Attention Conservation Notice: This is a first draft of a section of my impending book on social movements and the Task(s) ahead. Comments very very welcome… On one level, “G.L.O.W.” is another shoddy acronym, this one invented at a time … Continue reading

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SMEAC shall inherit the Earth

Who’d have figured ol’ Matthew 5:5 had so much trouble in it? Here’s the youtube And here’s the script (ish) Smeac script And Haysus sayeth “’smeac shall inherit the earth” (matthew 5:5) And Freddie Nietzsche says- “Bloody Slave Morality” And … Continue reading

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Zones of comfort, development and participation

Zones of comfort, proximal development and legitimated peripheral participation get the patented dwighttowers treatment for 3 minutes and 31 seconds. Dodgy visual puns, patronising tone, abrupt to the point of rudeness ending: what’s not to love? August 24- And this … Continue reading

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Skynet Manque

Have been reading a bit around how the military functions and plans missions (see wikipedia on fireteams, mett-cc, smeac etc.) I’m not particularly a fan of going “kinetic” against people in their own countries who have done nothing to us, … Continue reading

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