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Women being “reminded” of their bodies – “the grunch”

From here (and there’s more goodness) “A few years earlier, back at Indiana, I was wearing [a favourite outfit], walking through the parking lot of the main campus library with a group of—classmates, I think it was. Yes, we were … Continue reading

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And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their lives… #feminism

What Karen Pickering said, a while back. The good news is it actually doesn’t matter what armchair commentators say about your feminism. It’s up to you to learn, listen, say sorry when you get it wrong, and grow into your … Continue reading

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Laurie Penny on Manic Pixie Dream Girls and beyond

Lots and lots of awesomeness, including “Irony is, of course, the last vestige of modern crypto-misogyny: all those lazy stereotypes and hurtful put-downs are definitely a joke, right up until they aren’t, and clearly you need a man to tell … Continue reading

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“De-fragging the movement” or “The definition of insanity…”

I went to the first half of an event today that was all about how important it is to organise (hold meetings, “do” activism) differently. From one hundred feet up the meeting would have appeared to be almost EXACTLY like … Continue reading

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Feminist history – why don’t they teach this stuff in primary school?

It’s almost as if we lived in a functioning and self-replicating patriarchy. But of course, that’s crazy-talk. From here, via here. These days it may be hard for some to believe, but before the women’s movement burst on the scene … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

Lisa Brathwaite over at “Speak Schmeak” starts a link-rich must-read post thus; “Don’t miss these excellent posts by fellow coaches Denise Graveline and Marion Chapsal about the long and insidious history of attempting to silence women who speak out (or … Continue reading

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Ils manquent “sein”ity

From the Guardian: Breastfeeding – particularly after two or three months – is regarded in France as something akin to drinking your own urine. Strange foreigners may do it, but that is no reason a nation brought up to idolise … Continue reading

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Men (and the strong women they annoy)

This is a cross-post from the website of some crazed femi-nazi called “Sarah Irving”…   Perhaps ironically, I’m writing this blog at my husband‘s behest. It’s basically an attempt to put on paper (/screen) a half-baked theory I was expounding … Continue reading

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The class war within the class war

Plus ca bloody change, eh? “at the 2008 Earth First! Gathering there was a long debate about the CCA. Out of this it emerged that the division of labour within the camp was falling along class and political lines. That … Continue reading

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John Berger and Ways of Seeing

This morning I was having breakfast with my collaborator Marc Roberts, the insanely prolific cartoonist. It turns out that Cantankerous Frank has a grand-daughter (when we dreamed her up, she was a daughter, but there’s been some generational slippage). She’s … Continue reading

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