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A note to oneself re: emotional self-regulation

You can’t effectively go through your ooda loop at speed if you are constantly allowing yourself to go (or be pushed) into either child or parent mode. Ergo, stay on your feet!! Don’t dive in. Of course, your opponents will … Continue reading

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Regression Analysis – what’s your favourite ego-defence/altered state?

Doing a lot of thinking (well, ruminating – they aren’t the same) of late. Some of it is around “Transactional Analysis” – something I’ve known about for years and was recently re-exposed to (early February, I think) at a so-so … Continue reading

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Film Review: Pining for a Place beyond the under-cooked myths

Mrs Towers should choose the films. She whittled it down to three, and gave me final say (she likes to let me think I am in charge, it’s one of those games people play). And I chose “The Place Beyond … Continue reading

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“Epic Frail” – a non-viral, non-viable Internet meme

The young kids are, I am told, fond of the phrase “Epic Fail.” I propose a homage/spoof/refinement to “Epic Frail,” for use whenever we spot ourselves or other folks being human, all to human.  If you keep your eyes open, … Continue reading

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Of Silence; Savile, Hillsborough, Armstrong and the Pending Ecological Debacle

What ties together a predatory paedophile, a State smearing of innocent football fans, a drugged-up cyclist and the imminent (decades? years?) self-inflicted cluster fuck of hitting ecological brick walls while accelerating? Silence. Lots of people had good suspicions (or more?) … Continue reading

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Abba, anomie and apocalypse

The song starts out thus – I was at a party and this fella said to me “Something bad is happening, I’m sure you do agree People care for nothing, no respect for human rights Evil times are coming, we … Continue reading

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