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Youtube: The Propaganda Model

More or less. Herman and Chomsky, with knob gags…

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Imagine My Surprise…

My friend Marc Roberts put together a fantastic cartoon a few years ago. Here it is as a youtube, with L. Cohen accompanying (unless you’re in Germany, where the video is blocked…)

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Nuclear Power – what a Waste…

This old cartoon by Marc Roberts deserves to spread at least as wide as a plume of.. no, that’s in poor taste…

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Transition cartoon – dumped in it.

Marc Roberts has started a cartoon series about Bob (a human with a suspiciously close resemblance to the man himself) being sent into various possible futures by a couple of Intergalactic Health and Safety Inspectorate aliens. You can see it … Continue reading

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Links 2011-2-22

The brainiac Cosma Shalizi “Reflections on the revolutions in North Africa” with a long quote from Mr Hume and some links (I’ve not looked at yet) Horizons of Significance asking “Do We Need Leaders” (and lovely idea of ‘negative capability‘, … Continue reading

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It’s smaller on the inside…

Marc Roberts‘ transition cartoon series continues. Here’s the latest This is a cross post from the host page at Transition Network.

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Who left the monkeys in charge??

Marc Roberts is starting a new cartoon series, for the Transition Network, loosely based on the “scenarios” of David Holmgren and Stuart Chamberlain. He’ll be posting every Monday and Friday… I for one welcome our new Health and Safety Inspectorating … Continue reading

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Why bother? Well, here’s one answer…

Marc Roberts, (yet) again. Does the man never sleep? Ban-ki Moon’s speech can be seen on Derek Wall’s website (I’ve not watched it yet). Mr Moon recently stepped back from “day-to-day” involvement in the climate negotiations, btw.

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Galloping towards a “Gish Gallop”

Here is Marc Roberts’ latest cartoon. Click on it and it expands a bit. And here’s the back story: I added Real Climate to my Google Reader about two hours ago (this is a step I recommend). I then read … Continue reading

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Brilliant genius cartoon on climate, science, oil companies

Marc Roberts, uber-cartoonist, has just published this below. Please forward far and wide. Here is the hyperlink to the page on his site.

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