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Inform, inspire, connect: choose one of the above

Had an epiphany tonight, in the presence of an old friend and the ridiculously gorgeous Russian. Informing people – yeah, alright. But information decays very very quickly. Inspiring people – yeah, alright, but who is to say what you think … Continue reading

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Yet again; “why don’t people stick around?”

There’s a bit of a “dog returning to its own vomit” aspect to this. I have searched within DT to see if I have already written this post, but I appear not to have (though this speech I’ll never give … Continue reading

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From the Deltoid to the DMZ…

I spent Friday night, and the bit of Saturday morning between the gym, the community clean-up and the much-anticipated arrival of Mrs Towers, pulling documents out of plastic pockets and either recycling or re-filing them. It was satisfying, in the … Continue reading

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McStalinist Ogres

“With all social media campaigns, we include contingency plans should the conversation not go as planned,” Mr Wion said. Riiiiight…. “planned conversations”?   When a state does that shit, everyone says “propaganda.”  Business does it, it’s “free speech”. Diners hijack McDonald’s … Continue reading

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People who reflect, and people who, um don’t

There are two kinds of people on this third rock from the sun. Those capable of private (and, gasp, public reflection).  People who can answer straightforward questions, like, um… What training or mentoring is available for volunteers who want to … Continue reading

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Books bought to read in my copious free time…

Sigh.  Are there 12 step programmes for bookaholics?  Maybe I should buy some …  no, wait. Horace The Complete Odes and Epodes (one of them Penguin Classics) Cath Staincliffe Dead Wrong 1998 ‘tec novel set in sunny Mcr. Dave Haslam … Continue reading

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Smart women

A topic I know something about, since Mrs Towers is one of them, and my collaborator on The Project is another.  And on reflection, many of the previous women who tolerated my presence in their lives/beds were very smart (“with,” … Continue reading

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