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On the half-life of skills

“This too shall pass,” as the graffiti sez. I am (fingers crossed) on the cusp of learning a whole new set of skills.  That’ll be fun.  And with luck, my old brain will have the extra space, so I won’t … Continue reading

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Nurturing the revolution – child-friendly/parent-friendly events…

This guest post below, on the ever-reliable Plan to Thrive site, is full of great advice for people who want their social movements to be broader than the student/child-free/retired nexus…

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Blog post takedown at Johns Hopkins; NSA and its chilling effect

Okay, I’m way late to this party. Only comment I have; Unsurprising, scary as hell and we will see more and more of this.  War of attrition in the war of position…

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The Real Conspiracy of Power

It has all the elements of a corking conspiracy thriller. It’s all about power – who has it, how they keep it. It’s been going on for years. It’s massively damaging. It’s been happening right under our noses, hidden in … Continue reading

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The Star System and Science… Harmful Myths and all that

Nature is a staggeringly good journal. 99% of it is several thousand feet above my head (so, totally unlike life, then). But the quality of the journalism is as good as the science, and there is this from the 3rd … Continue reading

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“When protest movements die” #Guardian

From here – What happens when you degrade and diminish that infrastructure almost to nothing, while wounds of injustice still fester? What happens when the major institutions through which popular political action takes place are either wholly co-opted or die? … Continue reading

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78, 79, Ignoreland and the relative obscurity of John Connor…

This from David Runciman, writing in the London Review of Books about a book called “Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century by Christian Caryl” “The world that fell apart at the end of the 1970s had … Continue reading

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