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It’s good not to talk

Ran a workshop today on “Is Climate Science irrelevant?” (and what motivates people to get and stay involved in groups/movements.) I have lots of opinions on these questions. There was a time I would have felt the right/duty to fill … Continue reading

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Smug rituals of nauseating phoniness about Australia’s history

Go to pretty much any public event in Australia these days and there’ll be a ritualistic incantation from the balanda (white person) in charge that they acknowledge that the meeting is being held on the land of the local peoples … Continue reading

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Neologism – S’mugged

Shoddy neologism where the “S’” can either be a contraction of “It’s” or a first letter stand in for “superciliously.” Mugged means, um, mugged. Useful as a headline after attending a meeting that was (ostensibly) staged to inform and inspire … Continue reading

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Smug people get comeuppance

but only in this cartoon, by KJ Lamb…(If you are KJ Lamb and you want me to take this down, I shall do so!)

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The smugosphere’s a fine and private place…

Some of you may have had the misfortune to see my Youtube video “Welcome to the Smugosphere”. Its basic argument is that “activism” (especially on climate change) is an adventure playground where there is no rigorous feedback, and you can … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Smugosphere

Here’s a video titled “Feedback, the Smugosphere and Ghetto Homeostasis” Comments welcome

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Arrogant is better than smug: discuss

Had a chat with the wife last night, while eating a takeaway and not watching episode two of “Generation Kill” (decrepit DVD player making a bid for the knacker’s yard). I confidently (well, arrogantly) pronounced that arrogant was less annoying … Continue reading

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