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Tony Abbott = species traitor. #climate #pendingecologicaldebacle

I know it’s not about individuals. I know it is about systems of exploitation that began long before Whitey arrived to stay in Australia (1788). I know it is about ecological imperialism, primitive accumulation, accumulation by dispossession and whatever other … Continue reading

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When the people you’re shitting on start winning while playing by “the rules”… change the rules.

Hat-tip to Charred Caesia. Things they don’t teach you in your imperialist white-skin-privilege school #94 (e.g. the one I went to) When the people whose land you are busy stealing, whose culture you are destroying, start to “win”, then it’s … Continue reading

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“Bloody sheilas, bloody Abos, bloody roos.” Australia White Men and their fear and loathing

So, here’s some gut feelings that – if someone were to pay me to do a PhD – I’d try to turn into something a little more rigorous. But, of course, it’s probably been done? It’s taken me a long … Continue reading

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I melted wax to fix my wings…

I’ve done all the dumb things…. Saw the stupendous Paul Kelly tonight. He was, well, stupendous. So much of what I hold dear about Australia, so much of what I could (and should) be is wrapped up in the lyrics … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Australian media in stupid sexism shocker

Adult women called girls. And the possessions of a man too. In 2011.

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Australia – still unsettled

As Steve Dovers from the Australian National University put it recently, after two centuries we still seem to be struggling to settle Australia. We haven’t resolved the first vexing questions presented to us by a unique continent – the original … Continue reading

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Embarrassing cultural cringe

It’s bad enough we have this whole passive-aggressive thing going on. But playing “me too” around extra-judicial assassination?? Wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to begin…

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