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How to destroy your credibility with defensiveness and glib patronising nonsense #94

Here’s the edited highlights of an exchange I had recently. I had gone to an event. It wasn’t very good. Not very very bad, but just could have been better. And given the organisation’s recent travails, it needed to be … Continue reading

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“Let’s cut to the chase and have a fascist dictatorship* already”

Because the anti-fascist crowd (and here I don’t mean the street-fighting men – I mean ‘democracy campaigners’ more broadly), simply do not have their shit together. Last night I went to a small meeting (I’ll not mention the organisation’s current … Continue reading

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Movement building and the war of attrition…

This is something that was written almost ten years ago. Just before 911, in fact. EF! and the War of Attrition* *Attrition (mil) tactic of exhausting an enemy before attacking decisively Assuming we want EF! to get grow, we need … Continue reading

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The Final Flouncedown

That’s it. I’m done. No more political/campaign meetings for me for a long long time. Until they’re engaging, energising and coherent/transparent, I’m withholding my consent. (I am sure they’ll struggle on in my absence…) The straws have been congealing into … Continue reading

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Comings, stayings and goings

OK, I’ve not yet read this, but there are a couple of dead useful diagrams (see below) about the ins and outs of social movement retention. More to follow. Persistent Resistance: Commitment and Community in the Plowshares Movement SHARON ERICKSON … Continue reading

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Minding your language, and reverse ideastorming…

Owen Jones has a website that is, if you’re a politico, well worth a look. He has a recent post called “Why the left needs to watch its language” which is not a Lakoffian “reframing” excercise, but actually full of … Continue reading

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Decruitment: sarcasm and social niceties

Two little incidents this week. Went to a public meeting organised by a group that surely wants to believe itself welcoming and accessible. There was no written info about the group available, not even its website address. The only thing … Continue reading

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