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Climate change, Perseus and Medusa, and Martin Beck

In reverse order; The Martin Beck novel sequence is an awesome achievement (the writing of it, not the reading).  Written by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahlöö between 1964 and 1974, these ten novels, based around the activities of the Swedish murder … Continue reading

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Enlightenment, endarkenment, Private Eye and the end o’ the world

Two quotes- one from Private Eye, one from the Proceedings of the Royal Society B (as you do). Alas, he is a journalist, not a scientists or a philosopher king, and thus takes the journalist’s now standard route to enlightenment, … Continue reading

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Chavez, climate change and the venality of academics

Dear Climate-L, I would like to share this short article with you on Venezuela’s climate change policy following the passing of President Hugo Chávez. Given that Venezuela holds the world’s largest known oil reserves its role at the U.N. climate … Continue reading

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Hanna-Barbaric images to come…

“Those of us who spend our days trawling – and contributing to – the scientific literature on climate change are becoming increasingly gloomy about the future of human civilisation,’’ said Liz Hanna, convener of the human health division at the … Continue reading

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Nickels, bull-dozers and the standard DT misanthropy

“You’re picking up nickels in front of bulldozers” from some FT article, about investment “banking” and the attendant risks (unless, of course, you get the taxpayer to bail you out). What a brilliant image. It makes me think (as so … Continue reading

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Climate change’ ‘warmists’ versus ‘skeptics’ versus reality?

Except, of course, the soi-disant ‘skeptics’ are nothing of the sort.  Anyhows… from Marc Roberts [Amazing what you find in your “Documents” folder.]

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Air heads and the power of ideology

So, I was going to do a “people be stoopid” post based on this clipping below, which I found while weeding piles of paper.  You know “some people so totally lost … believe anything… Darwin Award…”   The smug superior sort … Continue reading

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Beautiful Russians and the end of the world

Sat opposite a distractingly good-looking (seriously – straight from the pages of some glossy high class fashion mag, or from the FT’s “How to Spend It” supplement) Russian and talked about… emissions pathways, climate sensitivity and the inevitability of some … Continue reading

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Occupy the Atmosphere (shameful self-promotion alert!!)

Those clever (no sarcasm) and astute people at Rhizome are trying to get a conversation going about what the Occupy folks might learn from the experience(s) of Climate Camp. To this end they’ve asked me to pitch in. The discussion … Continue reading

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Youtube: Wicked Problems and Climate Change

Two bits of good news – climate change is not a wicked problem Helena Christensen cavorting on a beach

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