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Doctor Who and the Tautologies of Doom

Attention Conservation Notice: Review of ‘classic’ (1976) Doctor Who story dealing with political corruption, assassination and a computational hallucinatory reality called The Matrix… Sat down recently and (re)watched a bunch of Matt Smith Doctor Who episodes with my wife’s half-brother … Continue reading

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Hamlet Mash-up!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal versus Shakespeare. No contest…

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Pollard’s Law

Dave Pollard wrote a post back in 2006 (hat tip to Jay D) that is a must-read if you’re interested in change. In it he extols the virtues of experiments (well, to be accurate, he points out that to get … Continue reading

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Woman forced to ‘admit’ rape allegation false

[Trigger warning for sexual violence, rape culture narratives.] This report from Alternet surprises me, because I am naive about how women are treated by the State. In summary – a couple of years ago a woman was raped in Washington … Continue reading

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Men with guns – mafia & military

My wife was reading the following – Donna Leon Uniform Justice – and laughed out loud at the following: Little that Brunetti had observed during his own undistinguished term of military service or in the decades since that persuaded him … Continue reading

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Abba and the agentic deadlock

Abba needs no introduction. Agentic deadlock, well, see here and here‘s a youtube video (another, hopefully better one, to follow) I’ve been reading a couple of books on the changes that are needed and the difficulty of making them. The … Continue reading

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From 60 to 85, lucky to be alive…

I came into awareness in the late 70s, at the time the second cold war started to kick in. For a good five years (80 to 85, tailing off after that) it seemed entirely possible that a nuclear war would … Continue reading

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