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Renouncing flouncing (for the second time)

I flounced. Again. Last year it was from a day-long meeting of a colourful political party that will remain nameless. The first two hours were dominated (that is the right word) by someone who had come down from Lancaster to … Continue reading

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Some bright spark: absurdity and intelligence

While having a pre-Mrs-Towers’-return  (she should be back by the time this post gets to the front of the queue. She better be!) house clean I stumbled across Muriel Spark’s novella “The Houthouse by the East River. I don’t remember … Continue reading

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Air heads and the power of ideology

So, I was going to do a “people be stoopid” post based on this clipping below, which I found while weeding piles of paper.  You know “some people so totally lost … believe anything… Darwin Award…”   The smug superior sort … Continue reading

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The Book That Didn’t Get Written

Harrumph. Yes, it should have. And there were no good reasons (but lots of prevarications and excuses and so on) that it didn’t. Various people whose judgment I trust are saying it should get written.  And right now it would … Continue reading

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Too dumb to pay off the people who would kill him

So this guy – who sounds alright – is “gentrifying-without-class-cleansing” in Panama City. “We had a lot of painful conversations,” Mr Hardin says. “One real-estate family’s analyst asked about the free rent we gave to an after-school programme. I told … Continue reading

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Texting, Darwin Awards and Overpopulation…

Cycling into the Big Smoke, down a student-heavy road. Inevitably almost kill some muppet who is… texting while crossing a busy road. “You’re not even looking. You’ll get yourself killed,” I shout helpfully. Would it be such a loss? Should … Continue reading

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Muppetry and wishful thinking by … Dwight Towers

I’m not really sure what else the universe could have done to warn me.  Maybe an advert in the paper. Or hire a sky-writer.  But I’d have found, in my muppetry, a way of explaining away that too.  For I … Continue reading

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Angry with being angry at myself for getting angry

Anger is such a stupid stupid emotion. Helps no-one, not self, not others. Doesn’t provide any clarity. Likely to send you and others to places where you had no intention or real desire to go. Panic is anger diffused and … Continue reading

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Anger – an energy, sure. But it burns!!

Clouded with anger, his mind is… Hmm, reading lots of stuff about how fear and anger (not the same thing, it’s true) really get in the way of your ability to see things clearly, and let you expand your repertoire … Continue reading

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Resilience and the golden goose-icide

Don’t over-exploit limited and slow-growing natural resources. Or There Will Be Trouble… (our fairy tales used to tell us this). Here’s a quote from William Gibson’s speculative fiction novel “All Tomorrow’s Parties.” In the passage below the existence of State-sanctioned … Continue reading

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