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Tulipz on the Internetz

For reasons that need not detain us, I was googling around Billy Joel’s novelty song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and stumbled on this below, which is just too hilarious… From some guys called the Richter Scales.

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Skulls and atmospheres

We have thin skulls (that knit together after we’ve been spat out our mother’s birth canals). That skull protects the 2 pounds of jelly that passes for our brains. We have a thin atmosphere; scaling down to the earth as … Continue reading

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Albania – tanks for the memories…

Hoxha had always been paranoid about foreign invasion (street signs were prohibited lest they prove useful to an invading army), and his paranoia only increased after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. He desperately needed some method of repelling … Continue reading

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Slavery and genocide as “severe forms of market interference”

Chomsky being wry Very high protection was only one of the devices of state intervention in the economy. There are many others, which aren’t studied by economic historians, but they’re there. So consider cotton, which was the fuel of the … Continue reading

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Capitalists opposed to privatisation?!

Well, this does not compute (if you’re a moron who hasn’t been paying attention to reality because your head’s buried in a text book/the sand). Shippers unhappy with privatisation Jenny Wiggins The shipping industry has expressed concern over the New … Continue reading

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Metabolic rift? No, it’s the talkingbollocks rift

This is one of those posts where I need to get my disclaimers in first. Buckle up. * I do NOT believe that the kind of thinking and doing that got us into this mess is going to get us … Continue reading

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Imagine My Surprise…

My friend Marc Roberts put together a fantastic cartoon a few years ago. Here it is as a youtube, with L. Cohen accompanying (unless you’re in Germany, where the video is blocked…)

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Thanks for the memories

It’s an enduring sci-fi device – “a man wakes up with memories. But are they his own?” Philip (“Blade Runner”) K Dick did it lots, as did the people responsible for the recent film “Inception” etc. In other films and … Continue reading

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Hilarious protest placard

Not words that you often see. Justified…

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Film Review: The Day After – no redemption narrative

Well. That was cheerful. I remember bits of this from when I saw it on release, over 25 years ago. The doctor (Jason Robards) slumping in his car, the panic in the supermarket, the woman looking in horror as the … Continue reading

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